1 The Impact of Social Networking Sites on the Young Adults in Tamil Nadu  
2 Identification of Children with Dyscalculia in Regular Schools
3 Dravidians and Chakras / The Tree of Life-Modern Approach  
4 Television and Magazine: A Diabolical Trap”- A Psychological Analysis of an immigrant Dimple in Bharati Mukherjee’s Wife
5 School Mental Health Program - A Case Study in Tiruchirappalli District
6 Effective Management of Institutions with Information and Communication Technology  
7 Language and Relationship for Teenagers 
8 An Impact of Learning Styles in Children with Learning Disabilities 
9 Children’s Information Literacy and Computer Programme : Tiruchirappalli and Pudukottai District : an impact study
10 A Study of Investors Intention for Investment in Life Insurance after Globalization 
11 Prevalence of anaemia in school children at Manachanallur zone in Tiruchirappalli District 
12 Education, Health and Poverty : The Impact of Government Interventions in India 
13 Volunteer Involvement in College Libraries : Best Practices: with special reference to Holy Cross College (Autonomous), Tiruchirappalli.
14 Logistics Management
15 Mental Health of Adolescents with Hearing Impairment 
16 Madhyan Bhojan’ : School Meals from the Child’s Perspective 
17 Attitudinal Barriers faced by Students with Disabilities in Higher Education
18 Research Trends with Reference to other Asian Countries in the “Journal of South Asia Research 2003 – 2009”  

19 Inclusive Banking through Financial Inclusion - An Overview
20 A Study of the Pandaraswamy Movement in the Marava Country 1663 - 1773A.D.
21 Women Entrepreneurship - Challenges and Measures to Motivate Women Entrepreneurs in India